musings on a weekend of classes

This weekend was our first weekend of class for the school year. Thesis Preparation, Community Service Practicum, and Uncommon Kinship.

Thesis Prep was about getting us moving. Literature review, topics, how to proceed, thesis committee, and such. And some divination on what Goddess will be helping us. I received Isis (mothering). Interesting as one working title for my thesis is Unearthing Our Mother.

Community Service was shorter and mostly spent on brainstorming and talking about what would be appropriate or not. I have several ideas and need to move along on finalizing what I am going to do. Luisah Teish (in the class the next day) spoke of 'being clear about what kind of world you want to live in' and letting that tell you what to work on.

Uncommon Kinship the next day was wonderful. Its about taking an in-depth, serious look at how we relate to culture - our own and, mostly importantly, to other cultures. How we make mistakes, how we connect, what we were born with, and what we have today. She spoke of being willing to take risks, having the humility to listen, and opening ourselves to being approachable. Much to think upon.

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