Mercury, Mercury.

We need to talk. I know you love going retrograde and messing with our perception of communication. I understand there are lessons to be learned about remaining centered and not letting the waves of confused messages upset the boat. However....

Did the Kodak beta site really need to send me 4 cards instead of 4 sets like I ordered? I do thank you for the fact that I got a decent discount when I reordered. Perhaps that is what you had in mind?

However, my order of necessary lingerie has been lost in the USPS system and is a week late. Perhaps you could find a way to work that one out of the system and down to my house? I would truly appreciate it.

I do understand that the typical channels of communication do not quite work as expected when you are retrograde. Facebook hiccups are a good example of that. And I am sad but happy to know that a friend finally made it to the doctor even though their diagnosis is not what any of us wanted to hear. At least now she is listening.

I thank you for the connections being made that are bringing threads of my thesis closer together. However, might you consider showing me what keywords to use for my literature review? Databases are particularly reticent when you are retrograde.

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