Grandma Groff

Found this gem today in a box of old photos and marriage certificates of my Grandmother Shirley Groff, my Mom's mom. Hand-written notes that I suspect were my Mom's notes for the eulogy at Grandma's funeral.

"I think of Mother born 1899 a little country girl. Her formal education 3rd grade. She lived from the time of horse and buggy through two great wars, drought and dust bowl, losing her farm. She lived through marriages, deaths, and fifteen births.

Her burning desire to survive and be her own captain led her to make many decisions some of us used to question.

Mother felt any man's equal. Her friends who respected her were her employees, doctors, and presidents of banks. She only dealt with presidents. Her precious hoard of money and possessions were all the hedge she had between herself and a world harsh and full of danger for her. She was determined never to be a financial burden to any of us! Could we today match her?"

- Leoda Wagner

Note: There is documentation that Grandma had ten births of which five children survived to adults. I know of three marriages but family tales tell of five. And now I know a little bit more of why I have always felt a strong connection to Grandma.

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