dusty treasures and cat poop

The lessons of life can be hard ones. The last two days of cleaning at my parents house proves that yet again. Its past time to sell the house and move them into a situation they can manage. The house is too big for them to take care of and unfortunately it shows.

Closets filled with random junk mixed with treasures. Piles of old magazines, paperwork, and messes long forgotten. And my father still saying oh just keep it. It will save me money later when in reality he never remembers what he has. Dust and hidden piles of cat poop long turned to concrete. Beaded dresses from long ago mixed with old blankets.

I spent the last two days cleaning out mostly my mom's office and storage cabinets. Mom used to sell real estate and when someone moved and didn't know what to do with a box of xmas ornaments or decorations or little statues, Mom would take them and then give them away later. Only her short term memory is pretty shot these days and not everything was given away before it went. Its sad but ok because I know I am doing what she would have done if she remembered to do it.

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