dancing in my body

I went to my third belly dancing lesson today. Its not easy for me. Oh I can move to music, but actually learning steps and being coordinated is much harder then it looks. Feeling like I am slow to learn the steps and being distinctly uncoordinated while learning has left me feeling self-conscious about how I look. And in belly dancing, watching oneself in the mirror is key to knowing if you are doing the movements correctly.

I got to class and realized I did not want to watch myself in the mirror. I decided I just needed to get over myself and watch. So I did and watching helps.

The other thing I am having trouble with is performing the steps by myself - the teacher will ask us one by one to do a step with the music. This requires counting and moving. When its my turn, my brain goes blank, and I panic and stumble. Its partly being self conscious and partly having no confidence yet that I can do the steps with the music. When we dance as a group I am fine.

For all that, the teacher complimented me on my attempt at spinning. And told me I was started to get it. That gives me hope.

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