Change is happening in waves and today was a day of more physical manifestation of that change.

I went on a hike with some local pagans and met new people which is never entirely easy for me to do. I had a good time despite the heat. We laughted, told stories, and learned about the plants and land from the woman leading the walk who is an herbalist.

I came home and needed to move my altar. Took it down and washed everything and set it back up really thinking about what I wanted on my altar that reflects where I am at right now in my life. I get the altar all set up and am finishing sorting out all manner of things. I take one more walk into the kitchen going around the dining room table in a direction I dont usually go because the kids are playing school at the other end. Wham. I slam my right foot into the sliding glass door lock. Sliced the pad of my foot by my baby toe open. Nice nasty gash bleeding all over the floor to the bathroom.

When things like this happen, I know that energy needed to be released. I just have to ask, however, why is it change always seems to manifest in some sort of injury to my body? There has to be another way and please Goddess I would really like to learn that other way, thank you!

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