unity, gender, and perception

Been doing too much thinking lately. My head is feeling like its going to explode. Perhaps an overdose of multi-dimensional realities? :)

However, one particular topic is of interest. Western culture has an underlying duality which manifests in polarities like white/black, good/bad, masculine/feminine, and so on. I believe that supporting this duality is detrimental to our lives, planet and culture. So I made a decision a while back to rethink the whole mess in terms of unity and merging.

A consequence of that action on my part is that I find cultural boundaries are becoming fluid. Gender for example. When the fact that someone is male or female is simply a fact and not a set of rules about how they are expected to behave, it changes how I perceive people.

I realized that this is part of seeing someone on multiple levels. When I look at someone and can see their spirit and move past their gender as way of defining them, it radically changes how I perceive them. That change in perception changes my expectations. It opens up possibilities for relationship and interaction that don't exist in a culture in which behavior is defined by gender-based polarities. What possibilities? That is to be explored....

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