snakes on the move again

Energies have been shifting all week since Sekhmet claim flying through. My hip is sore with the feeling that things are releasing and new energy is coming in. I am feeling less overwhelmed and more determined to push forward on difficult issues like selling the parents house. Enough is enough. Its time to get moving. Thats the sense of it.

On a related note, I am noticing more and more how much women in our culture define themselves by their relationships with men and cultural norms. I am not defined by my profession, how much money I have, whether I am a good mother or a good girl, whether I am married or not, or how beautiful I am. And thats the struggle we have as women - to know who we are as women first, then who we are in relationship to other people and things in our life. Its a hard thing to do when surrounded by a culture that centers around a patriarchal model. I have to step out of the model and break my connection to it to be able to reassess my place in it.

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