PWCA New Moon Retreat Lake Cowichan

What was camp like? Being in a community of women where I could truly be myself without any cultural expectations was amazingly freeing. It went like this....

I give thanks for the gift of

women who trust the Goddess and let strangers sleep in their living room
great navigators who pat my arm gently when I drive too fast
being woke up by the sweet sound of wood flute and mother drum
Om Tara chants that turn my insides to fire and require immediate immersion in cold lake water
sacred space surrounding me at all times
retail therapy!
being able to play and paint with three wonderful art tables full of stuff
drumming madly on a woman-made drum and then getting to take the drum home with me
acceptance of my ability to zoom through our cabin at tornado speeds
circle groups that enable me to see the hearts of women
the freedom to swim naked with beautiful women nymphs
seven minute quickies
dancing kahunas and Baba Laine's disco
feeling free to dance with complete abandon, and then doing so
creating rituals and altars
sending us all light and healing
being reborn as a maiden
crones who share wisdom and the best hugs ever
having the opportunity to meet Evil Grouse in person
understanding what a Depends moment can truly be like
friends who resist the urge to dunk me when I sit in the wrong end of a canoe
raven who flew a circle around me blessing me after I said good bye to the lake