psoas you can walk

Ok, had another visitation from my cleaner sans artist. He really should teach painting classes. He talked to me about Lady in the Wind. I was having a hard time stepping back and seeing what has to happen next. He helped me to SEE where to go next.

Of course, I may not be doing much painting just yet. Sigh. I went into physical therapy today and was treated by someone other then my usual therapist. This lady was very nice but she decided to stretch my psoas (Sew-as) muscle, which was very tight and likely did need some help. However, I spent all day today in pain. I hope to hell I can function tomorrow.

To the Goddess of Healing Muscles in Hips: please send lots of healing to my poor aching psoas muscle!! And please arrange for my usual physcial therapist on Friday! Oh, and can you sneak in some painting without pain tomorrow? Pretty please?

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