presenting myself

At camp, Friday night is Follies night. Everyone who has been before talks about how much fun it is. 2-3 hours of anything goes. Serious, funny, silly, and downright pee-your-pants hilarious.

I brought my poetry to camp. I have only read it in public once and was extremely nervous when I did. Well, apparently the Goddess decided I needed to read my poetry on Follies night. The thought of doing so brought up all the issues about how I present to others and I have to admit I was a bit freaked out. However, She was insistently poking me in the back so I took a huge breath and signed myself up. Then discovered I was one of the first acts!!!

Then something wonderful happened. I got up in front of the audience of women and everyone turned their faces to me and opened their hearts and listened. And I read my poetry as I have always wanted to read it - from my heart. It was an amazing, healing experience to see women closing their eyes to take in my words. To see women nodding and putting their hands to their hearts. I cannot even begin to describe how validating and honored I felt by the feedback I got. I feel like I have been filled up with love and every time I think of the experience I smile.

Thank you wonderful women. Thank you Goddess.

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