one of those days?

I am still filled with this wonderful feeling from camp - the feeling of what it is like to be in a space where I can truly be myself.

However, it appears to be having ripple effects. Came home with a case of bronchitis in my left lung. Went for my BodyTalk session and was told that my body needed to integrate all that wonderful energy from camp and that my lung was being cranky about getting with it. Big healing session. Felt much better.

Then I get one of those phone calls. My father calling to tell me he just got in a car accident. The first thought in my head is 'he must be alive - he's talking to me'. Once I got past the obvious, he told me someone had run a stop sign in front of them. When you are almost 86 years old you don't want a accident that is your fault. He did end up in someone's front yard and the car sounds like its in bad shape.

I drove to their hospital - took almost 2 hours in the traffic. They were an amusing pair waiting for me in the lobby. Dad insisted on retrieving wood working tools from the car and had them piled up on his walker. He had dislocated his right shoulder and kept taking the sling off to move the walker despite the looks from the nurse. Mom had a neck brace and no shoes.

I thought Mom could use a little healing energy so I gave her my big mother crystal to hold when I got her home. Mom, ever the psychic, picks it up and proceeds to give me a reading nailing everything going on in my life. This from the woman whose short term memory is pretty much shot. When spirit speaks, short term memory is apparently not an issue.

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