a multi dimensional something

Had an interestingly odd experience recently. I am interacting with someone and suddenly information starts blasting at me on several levels: mundane, physical, and spiritual - all at the same time.

Except I did not know thats what was happening. What I felt was confused and inarticulately stupid as I attempted to make sense of all these messages weaving in and out of each other. Its very hard to describe. The only metaphor I can think of is being plugged into a high voltage plug with multiple channels of data flying pouring in.

Later, when talking to someone else who has more experience with this sort of thing, was when I realized I had been experiencing the first person on multiple levels at the same time. It was a "seth speaks" sort of experience. Made me wonder if I would have been able to process the information differently if I had been aware of what was happening when it was happening.

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