the social life of cats

Mr. Cat is our neighborhood guard cat. He is also a bit of a bully. At ~14 lbs, you don't want to mess with him much less have him jump on you when your bladder is full. But I digress...

Mr. Cat gets fussed about many things. Dogs who come over to our house. Neighbors who leave on vacation and then return. (Not sure which parts annoys him more.) Changes in routines. However, the things he fusses over the most is lack of respect from other cats, usually female.

Princess, our little female, deals with him by avoiding him, leaping over him gracefully, and being awake and outside when he is not. Thus Mr. Cat takes the morning shift and she takes the late afternoon shift. She doesn't usually get in tiffs with him as he outweighs her by ~4 lbs. She does however help with guard duty, which generally consists of politely escorting us back and forth from the neighbors.

Mooch lives next door. She weighs more like 11-12 lbs and is fiercely protective of her yard. She doesn't give Mr. Cat any respect. Mr. Cat sneaks up on her, hides under benches on the way to her front door, and tries to terrorize her. So she sneaks into HIS front courtyard and does the same. This really pisses off Mr. Cat. Mooch seems quite satisfied with the result.

Hero is oblivious to the entire thing. He hunts, comes in twice a day for pets and crunchies, and me. Guard duty? What the heck is that? Want a lizard?

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