The best sort of birthday surprise party!

I share my birthday with kiddo's daddy. We, the "grownups" had decided to make the day lazy and fun. So I was painting and he was reading his favorite mags. Kiddo had left to play with the little girl next door.

Suddenly I hear muffled giggling. I look out to see the two girls sneaking "quietly" into the house. Kiddo sees me and runs over announcing that I am to stay in my studio until she tells me its ok. Then she runs off to relay a similar message to Daddy. Then I hear lots of noises from the kitchen. Pantry door opening, stepping stool sliding across wood floor, giggles, hushed whispers, rustling of packages. What the heck is going on?

They grab something and run back over to the neighbors. About 10 minutes later they are back. Kiddo is asking all kinds of odd questions about what kind of yogurt I eat. I attempt to answer and then tell her there is a container of yogurt in the refrigerator if she needs to see what I eat. Their eyes get big. Ok, she says and runs off. Stay there Mom. More giggles and girls running back next door.

Then nothing for a long time. Finally I send Daddy over to spy. He gets in the front door and sees them all on the back deck doing what looks like decorating. He exits without being discovered and reports back. We decided we better stay home and wait until the girls reappear.

Sure enough they come back in a bit and inform us we have to play Follow the Leader. We follow them over to the neighbors where we are told we have to listen to music. Then more Follow the Leader out to the back yard and - walla! Cupcakes and ice cream with candles even! Cupcakes made with my special wheat-free mix even!!

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