jumping in

Go for it, just jump in,
Full steam ahead, petal to the metal
No holding back
Is this what it means to surrender?
Whooeee, it’s a lot to ask
I surrender, I do
Yet each new hurdle I have to do it again
Easy is only familiarity
Knowing is the hard part
Its like dancing on ripples
Or a spider dancing on a web
To live a life of change I have to do my work
All the other webs that touch mine feel the change dance
Little steps, leaps, bounds, pirouettes
Containment is not possible
To change part is to mutate the change, kill the seed
True change radiates out spiraling like a crazy rocket
Little glowing snakes all red and alive
Moving sinuously, darting, tasting, curving into crevices
Climbing into places I did not expect
Telling me to get on with it
Go for it.

@2009 Annette Wagner

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