jarringly different energy

As I drove home from Drum Camp and into Silicon Valley and the neighborhood I live in on Sunday, I found the energy jarring and I have been wondering why. The camp was on Miwok land which has a calm, flowing, and peaceful energy. I felt very connected, like my feet sank into the earth with each step I took. The camp and the women attending all had a wonderful sense of fun and joy about them. It was contagious and nourishing to the spirit.

I drove into my neighborhood and saw someone crossing a street and could feel the complacency in them. Made me wonder what reality they feel when they walk on the earth. I drove to the grocery store and I could feel the frenetic fast pace, the driving energy of Silicon Valley around me. Neither experience felt 'right' to me; they felt jarring or off kilter. A sign of how much I have changed?

It might have to do with my moon cycle starting. I have increasing found a need to move inside myself, to internalize, when my cycle starts. Or perhaps the jarring sense is simply that it is jarring to move between two spaces that have such different energy and I am more sensitive to it these days.