Hello Sekhmet...

When I read about Sekhmet as one of the Goddess archetypes for older women, Jean Shinoda Bolen described Her energy as "enough is enough!" which I find is quite accurate. Reading the section on Sekhmet connected me to my innate power and gave me a glimpse of how to us it to make a stand when I need to.

Well, She came flying through about an hour ago. I was attempting to have a conversation with my father who is racist, sexist, and extremely patriarchal in his treatment of women. My father was not listening, grumpy, and started yelling at me. His usual form is to start with something insulting like, 'you're just like your mother, you cant ever be quiet' or a similar putdown. I stopped him by saying: Dont insult me or I will hang up. He insulted me. I hung up.

Now usually I would feel guilty because as the abused in the relationship, that is the typical response. Well I do not feel guilty in the least. I feel like enough is enough and it was time to tell him to shut up. Plain and simple. In fact, I realize having done what I did, that it is NOT ok for him to speak to me like that ever again. The rules of the game have changed.

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