Drum Camp....

Drum Camp was totally fun. The women were welcoming, open, and wonderful. The teachers are not only amazing drummers and musicians but truly willing to teach. The site is on Miwok land; I laid down on the earth under a tree and I could feel the heartbeat of the land.

The healing circle on Friday night was awesome. It started very late after open mic. We did not know how many women would show up and suddenly we had an overflowing room. Put seven mats on the floor and the drummers kicked in and off we went. The amount of energy generated by folks were dancing, chanting, drumming, smudging, and rattling was like a river.

I sat at someone's head for the first healing and then began moving between people. Sit down, ground, and then move my left hand over their body to feel where healing was wanted. I could sense through my hand where the energy wanted to go and I put my hands there and followed the flow. I don't know how many women I did healings on. Could have been 10 or even 15. I stepped sideways into the flow and stayed there until the drums finally stopped around two or so hours later. Whoo hoo!

I took drum classes on djembe, native american, and venezuelian, and marimba. I never thought I would sing so many crazy songs to Caya the grandmother drum - we even sang happy birthday to Dora and Sponge Bob and laughed and laughed.