The Dark Altar of the Otherlands

The Dark Altar of the Otherlands
©2009 Annette Wagner

I pour the darkness from my hands
Letting it puddle like black velvet in front of me
Soft and womblike, warm to the touch.

Intention forms the altar out of the darkness
Each object a symbol, a myth, a connection
A spider web of tendrils emerging, calling.

I sing to the directions bringing in the elements
Fire breathes air, air feeds fire
Earth drinks water, water flows over earth.

Ribbons of energy spiral and weave
Surrounding me like a translucent sphere of rainbows
I step into my heart, sideways into the otherlands.

Through the cave of the singing crystal spirits
Out into the grasslands where Horse runs free
Past the tumbling waters where Bear lives.

Wolf watches from the hill, seeing all
Her eyes follow Hawk screaming in the sky
Looking with sharp eyes and vision.

This is the land of the change dance
Here I live in my heart, here I am fully embodied
I am powerful and open to whatever may happen.

The vessel of my heart fills with Her images
They cry out to be born of the clay, the paint
I carry them inside me as I step sideways between lands.

I stand in the darkness of the altar
Containing Her gestating creatures and goddesses
I am Her revealer birthing sacredness from the otherlands.