Rot and regenerate

Bird goddess is back. I realized I have done several in the last few weeks. The Goddess of Death and Regeneration is she who told me to create twenty goddesses way back when. The regeneration aspect is what I return to when I think of what She represents. The words in one of Jennifer Berezan's songs has a bit about Her leading us through the door and back in again. The question is what happens in between the 'through' and 'back in again'?

It means rotting away, decomposing, and transforming into soil and seed. Of crows that eat away at the flesh so it can be taken back into the body of the mother. Of flesh that is eaten, digested, and excreted out transformed. Of excretion and beetles and bugs that transform it again and again until nothing is left but seed and soil. Soil that holds the the seed in its body. Seed that can wait forever or sprout with the tiniest drop of rainfall, or tears.

Regeneration is processual and impersonal. All regenerate, rot, decompose, and transform. There is a great power in Bird Goddess that is frightening to many; She is not the warm mother who holds us to Her heart. She is the terrible mother who watches our transformation knowing what is needed to truly transform us. She is Ereshkigal, Kali, the Dark Mother - the place women must go to reclaim our power.

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