painfully flowing again

Energy that was stuck is starting to flow. I can tell in several ways....

My right knee is doing these little spasms every other step. My right hip has flared up just when physical therapy was supposed to end. Just when I am about to head out to drum camp. It hurts like hell to sit again. Sigh. All on the right side where emotional damage has been carried.

And releasing all those bindings has resulted in anxiety and anger fits from those family members involved. Emotional sabotage is being employed on me. Sigh. Now I understand why I have felt so held back. I have been. Large heavy chains that you don't realize are that large and heavy until you decide its time for them to be gone.

I wonder what it will feel like to be free. I want the energy of life to move freely around and with me. Its painful to unstick things but I know its the path to walk. Be it harm none - including my butt and knee!

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