happy summer solstice!

Summer Solstice is a wonderful time of year - full of energy and growth. Last night I celebrated Solstice with an awesome group of women outside under the stars. We had hawks flying over, wind spirits playing with our hair, and lots of fire, chanting, and dancing.

I went with two of my sister students and we felt completely welcomed even though we had not circled with most of these folks before. The ritual was around Juno and reclaiming her aspects. We gave away something we needed to rid ourselves of and asked for something in return. I gave away old behavioral patterns and asked for harmony in return.

Summer is...
Ripe apricots off the tree.
Yellow jackets bothering everyone.
Sprinklers on lawns that you jump through screaming 'cause the water is so bloody cold.
Picking berries ripe from the vine and your fingers staining blue purple.
Getting sunburnt on your nose.
Remembering the time we buried a watermelon at the beach and couldn't find it again.
Letting the cold waves break over your feet.
Going barefoot even though the honeybees are in the clover.
Catching frogs in the stream down the hill.
Breaking out in a rash from poison oak.
Playing castles and forts in the redwood groves.
Climbing trees and digging holes.
Reading books to all hours.
Riding bikes and going fast down the hills.
Playing all day and grumbling when you have to go to bed.

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