greasy black gunk transformed?

The universe always likes to hand me amusement value where possible, mostly at my own expense. Last night BEFORE I did the spell, the kitchen drain completely backed up. The husband and neighbor diligently attempted to unstick it with no success. The dishes remained unwashed, the contents of the under sink area remained in piles on the floor, and the sink did not drain.

I went outside and did the spell after everything had calmed down.

RotoRooter came this morning and unstuck the drain. It was clogged up with greasy black gunk which is an amusing metaphor for what I got rid of in the spell last night. It cost $200 to get the drain cleared out. What would have happened if I hadn't done the spell? Some questions I do not want the answer to. Like the water in the pipes, the energy is flowing and thats what is important.

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