cutting away the burdens

Last night I did a spell under the new moon to cut bindings, cords, and burdens around financial responsibility that is no longer mine to carry. It has become a source of debt and stress for my family and its was time to release it and replace it with prosperity.

I filled a box with various things representing the debts and wrapped the entire box tightly in string winding it around and around in all directions. The first part of the spell was to cut the bindings with my knife while chanting words to release the people, the responsibilities, and the debts. Then I opened the box and took out the bits, purified them, piled them all up in my fire pit, and lit them on fire.

Watching the strands of the string glowing red as they burned away was very satisfying. It felt wonderful and magical to remove all those grasping cords - to slice them off and burn them away. Then I purified the box while chanting words I had written and refilled it with goodies to bring prosperity, wealth, and well-being. I covered everything with prosperity oil and put the box on my altar where it is gestating my intention. At the full moon I will burn the box to finish manifesting the spell.

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