connections and impact

My life is a change dance and while it has moments of peace and glory, the dance does not stop. I work on being clear in my intentions as I move in the change dance. Being clear on my intentions requires paying attention to the words I use, especially around life, death, and regeneration. There are things in my life that must die to be regenerated.

It occurred to me that the phrase 'be it harm none' does not do as well a job as it could at capturing the cycle of life and how we are all interconnected to each other. I certainly do not have intentions of harming others, however, walking my path has an impact on others which can be painful to them if it results in something needing to die and regenerate.

Saying 'be it harm none' feels naive. I am connected to this planet, animals, plants, stones, people and all else. When the movement of the change dance involves altering my connections to others, I have to recognize that they may feel injured or hurt - that is who they are in that moment. I honor who they are and ask to walk in balance with them as best I can.