walking the walk....

Had a wonderfully intense weekend of classes. Many of my sister students are going through transformation so it was very supportive to be in community with them as I move through my change dance. Our teachers moved us slowly through the material for the weekend allowing us to find our voice and our truth in what we contributed.

We spent today working with Hillevi Ruumet's psycho-spiritual development model which speaks to the different 'center's we move through as we live our lives. We did an exercise where we walked the centers which was illuminating with regard to where I am at and what I need to be working on. Matched my tarot reading. :)

Part of the message is that my center has changed and, with Snake moving through me, my center will continue to adjust. Get used to it! Being centered, filling my center up with the energy of who I am now, and moving with grace from my center are what to focus on.