snake shedding her skin

Snake Shedding Her Skin

I am a snake shedding her skin
Slowly rubbing between two rocks
Feeling each itch and scrape and cut
As I move with the energies of the change.

I slide over the sharp edges
As the rocks dig out the roots of my burdens
The burdens that are no longer mine
The burdens that must be shed, the old skin.

The burdens that hold me back
A prison of duty constricting my heart
The old skin cannot contain who I am becoming
She is calling me and I am answering.

I release the responsibility holding the burdens
I let it all go to be whatever it must be
I know it is no longer mine to carry
It is painful to hold, painful to release.

Snake skin ssshhhh-ing over the rocks
I twist and slither and shape myself to the change
The snake energy is relentless, determined
No lingering old skin, nothing left untouched.

©2009 Annette Wagner