sacred stories

The large paper I have been working on is for Organic Inquiry which is a sacred research methodology that centers around stories. Sacred stories?

First choose a topic and a question. Then write down your story. Find someone to ask your question of. Create a sacred space and ask your quesion. Listen to their story - to what their lived experience on this planet is. Then transcribe their story. Then weave their story and your story together. Do a literature review and weave in what you find. Then reflect, edit, and weave some more. Reflect more, weave more.

The entire process is sacred, creative, and requires a very solid sense of self. And a willingness to examine who I am. I find my myself realizing that things I thought were just shit that happened to me are very important both for telling my story and for answering the questions that I ask. Its cathartic this story I am weaving. It is enabling me to become very clear on my path and what has happened to me in my life that got me here.