regenerating magic and paintings

I realized that my swords painting was just not working. So I went and bought a properly proportioned canvas yesterday and painted it all sky blue-ish. Pulling swords from my heart is about transformation and healing. Its about what the sword turns into when it is out of my heart. Its about dying and regeneration. Letting go and opening doors.

This morning I saw a crow with a crooked wing swoop down onto my deck and then off into the bushes on the side. Both my younger cats were immediately there and checking it out. I raced out but the crow was already moving into heavier brush and ivy. The other crows were cawing ferociously and swooping around the cats. They knew the injured crow was in danger. I ran into get a broom and a towel. By the time I got out, I could hear the crows, could not find either the cats or the injured crow. Then, suddenly, the crows overhead stopped cawing. Dead silence.

I started to think that a bit of magic died and then I stopped. Magic and life never truly die. They transform and regenerate and create more life. Thats what the Goddess of Death and Regeneration does for us. Thats what I needed to do to the painting.