one year ago today....

I realized today is the one year anniversary of my last day of work. Tomorrow it will be one year from when I started seriously creating myself a new life by quitting my job.

I went back and looked at my blog entries to remind myself of how far I have traveled in the last year. I made cookies on my first day off. Then went off to a workshop about living with the extraordinary. That was the workshop in which I had the vision from the Goddess of Death and Regeneration that I was to create 20 goddess statues. I started building Cat Goddess the next week.

This last year has been amazing, painful, transformational, heart-opening, and one wild ride. I have spent most of the year going inside myself, riding the descent downward to the heart of the Goddess. I feel in my heart that She is calling me back up now. And now is when anything can happen. I no longer hold myself back - I am free to be whatever I need to be in this life.

I am very thankful for new and wonderful friends and teachers in my life. And, for She who lives in my heart and holds me in Hers.