no more apologies

There is something about working with the clay that brings balance to the inner journey I am on. Clay is earth and is grounding especially to a fire element like myself. When the creative energies are connecting to Spirit and creating, the rest of the mind can roll over stones and contemplate. And so it was today.

Women apologize for themselves in this culture. We are constantly told our wild creative spirit is bad and must be contained. I am not immune to this. I have changed so much I don't know how I present to others and I have allowed this to become such a worry to me that I apologize for my behavior and search for approval. I want to be accepted for who I am becoming by teachers and by friends.

Well fuck that. No more apologies.

I let go of this hold on my life and stand in a space of honor and respect for my teachers, friends, and myself. I trust that the people in my life are meant to be here and that they honor and respect me and will tell me if a boundary is crossed.

Hmmm - will they threaten me with chocolate withdrawal if I apologize? Now that would be truly frightening....