left right burdens going

Hmmm, where is my life lately? Feeling like the energy is moving left and right and up and down. There are things moving and shifting about. I can blame it on snake but then again snake is me now.

I have started the process to divest myself of burdens that are no longer mine - one of them a large financial burden. Its funny sometimes how families work. There is always the responsible one who gets stuck with the things everyone else won't or 'can't' take care of. I have been the responsible one but my time is over. Its time for everyone else to step up and me to make it clear thats what is happening.

Time to take care of me. Otherwise there will be no taking care of others. And who I consciously choose to be responsible for in the future will be different then what is dictated by the 'shoulds' of our culture. That She makes clear to me.