get ready for the unusual!

There are no coincidences. I sat down to do some homework and read my email to find the latest numerology report from Odette. The first paragraph pretty much describes my life right now:

"Get ready for the unusual! Surprises and unforeseen events can occur this month. The 16/7 (5 + 2+0+0+9 =16, 1+6=7) vibration can cause unexpected happenings meant to disrupt current conditions in order to correct or alter old habits or ideas. The best advice is to be flexible (5) and open your mind (5) to the opportunity for change (5). These types of events are the universe is telling you that it's time to end the old ways for they are not working for you (16). What may feel like a drastic upheaval in your life is actually for the highest good (16/7). Those who change more readily when it is time to do so, do not need to be woken up this way."

I can either laugh or cry. I chose to howl at the moon. :)