finding truth

I woke up this morning knowing it was time to do another journey to ask for a healing for my heart through throat chakra area. This healing is about finding my truth, finding my voice. So off I went up the sister trees...

Bear goes before me
I climb up the white bark through the shimmering leaves.
I pass Crow's nest and am surrounded by a circle of crows cawing at me as I move past.
Magic, magic, magic they say.
I reach the top of the trees and move through the clouds into the valley.
Bear runs ahead of me.
I seen Wolf in the distance.
I follow Bear towards the mountains.

The snakes under my skin appear and disappear as I walk, peeking out into the world.
There is fur running down my spine again.

Bear leads me up a stony rocky path.
I wind my way through stones that shave off my skin cleaning me.
The stones are sharp in places pulling a sheen of blood across my skin.
I work my way like a snake up the path, up, up.
Finally I see Bear waiting for me.
I come around the stones and She is there.

Snake Goddess come to life, Snake Woman.
She reaches out her snake tongue and tastes the air, me.
She cleans the blood from my skin as She looks into my heart.
I ask her for a healing to find my truth, my voice.
She lifts her hands with fingers of snakes.
She places the snake fingers on my chest above my breasts.
The snakes enter my body and merge with my snakes.

They go into my heart and wrap their way up my throat.
They move down into my solar plexus, spinning it like a vortex.
She talks to me as I stand, whispering her snake love.
She moves to my back and puts Her snakes into my back behind my heart.
Everything she does is about healing and clearing pathways.
Opening the doorway, the threshold of opportunity.
Eventually, She stands back from me.

I thank Her, kissing Her from feet to lips, a blessing.
She blesses me back and sends me back.