connections, community, ritual

The Lifecycle Rituals class I was in this weekend was awesome. There are several aspects which included altar creation, ritual creation, communual prayer, spontaneous drumming and dancing. The best part was hearing the personal stories of our teachers and their involvement in the Women's Spirituality movement and the ensuing discussion of how to make ourselves part of that. And, what it means when you are called by the Goddess and you stay in the 'flow'.

The conversations were very down to earth and reality-based with all the ups, down, and twists open to us. We covered cultural appropriation, asking permission, honoring elders, ethics, personal versus group practices. The topic of women in community and how we support each other in a web of relationships that are very different than the patriarchal power-over model. And how it can be very hard to create and sustain that community with the current patriarchal culture constantly pushing on you.

I found myself connecting and feeling very connected by the end of the weekend. Several opportunities for connecting myself into the movement and taking things to the next level just seemed to magically make themselves known. Its going to take a bit of planning, but getting my artwork out to an appreciative audience, pursuing the topic I am developing for my masters thesis, and further studies around my emerging healing talent are all weaving together. I feel inspired and very thankful to the Goddess for the path She is leading me on.