tired, buzzy, and all citrined out

I had an awesome time last night at the Ecstasy of Sound event. Its was very cool - sounds, chants, poems, and dancing all with intent to heal the earth and those of us (meaning all life) on it. It felt like I was in a big attuned space with all these healing vibrations going through my body grounding me to the earth. I danced, there was no way I could resist dancing. It felt so good.

I did ice my back when I got home. I thought I was ok and I might have been had it not been for a cat escapade. Princess decided to walk about my head around 530 this morning. I think I startled her and she leapt from one side of my pillow all the way onto my nightstand and completely upset the full glass of water sitting between all my books. I lept out of bed, grabbed a rag, and started wiping off books. Tried to get back to sleep however my back decided this was all too much insult to injury and started to spasm. I tried hard to ignore and finally got up and got an ice pack. Being very tired and sleepy on an ice pack that is numbing my butt is a decidedly annoying sensation. I did not get anywhere near enough sleep.

Took a bunch of first graders gigglers (girls) to the rock show in San Jose. All I wanted to pick up was citrine and jet and quartz crystals. This tells me that I am still clearing and grounding. I was not touching anything except things I wanted to buy and my hand was still buzzy as hell by the time we left.

So now I lay on an ice pack, tired and buzzy. Maybe I will yet learn to fall asleep on ice packs?

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