state of being = state of house?

My house is an amusing metaphor for my life right now. The garage looks like a cyclone hit it. When the heater died and had to be replaced, everything had to be moved from the cabinet next to the heater so the cabinet could move out of the way. At the same time, there were several large props for the kiddo's school auction that ended up in the garage. This represents things that have to leave to make space for new things to grow. Regeneration.

The living room had new shelves installed with the intent that the old book shelves go to kiddo's room so she has more storage. The old bookshelf has not yet been moved. Everything stopped when I pulled the muscle in my hip. The ground shifted under my feet.

The carpets are being cleaned today (yay!). The way I walk on the earth has altered so the earth in my house needs to be cleaned too. I have almost battled the moths out of the pantry. Now that symbology is obvious - metamorphosis. There are less moths so perhaps the intensity level is dropping a bit.

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