She who must be obeyed?

Help comes unlooked for sometimes. I decided to go on a short walk before doing my exercises this morning. Went out the front door and started down the street. Princess the cat came running out of the bushes. She was quite frantic and determined to stop me. I tried to circle her, shoo her back, ignore her. She was not taking any of that shit from me.

She herded me back to the three sisters, the birch trees on my front lawn. Ok. I know the sisters well. I go inside the circle they make and leaned on one and put my hands on the other two and closed my eyes. My left hand fired up and I could feel the healing energy moving through me. I opened my eyes a glimpse and Princess was circling the grove. I just had to chuckle. Princess was very happy. She had clearly got me to do what she wanted.

I got a clear message to make a birch wreath. I got my sacred knife and asked the trees for three branches and braided and wove them into a wreath. Put in three lavender stems in as well for harmony. I wove the wreath sitting in the circle of the trees.

I won't say I am not struggling because I am. I am standing in the ocean and the waves are crashing over me. Sometimes I go under and I have to get back up. But I know I will find my way through this. I thank the Goddess for holding me in Her heart. And for small ferocious determined cats. :)

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