out of hell

What the hell happened to me the last two days? Pure hell from one aspect and really bloody weird in all others. My body was clearly telling me something I needed to hear. And no, I did NOT post all that was going on. Consider yourself lucky.

New Moon was Saturday. I usually start my moon cycles after New Moon. Lots went on last weekend from a healing perspective both inside me and healing others. I have tons of kundalini energy spiraling through me. My body was telling me I needed to go into seclusion and I did not recognize it.

Seclusion? In Western culture, women's bodies are surrounded with shame. Wild women are bad. One particular area is around our menstrual cycles. Do you remember the day your cycles started? Were you honored for the fact that you were now woman? Menstrual blood is the only blood that is magical and sacred because it is comes from life and not wounding.

A woman's moon cycle is the time of the month when she is most inward. The time when the boundaries are thin. A good time for divination and taking care of yourself and shutting out the rest of the world and its demands on you. When we do that as women, we heal ourselves and nurture our own innate power. Seclusion can be whatever works for you. A trashy romance novel and chocolate works as well as sitting on the beach. Intention is all.

I wrote my teacher who gave me the healing that brought snake through. She told me she was not at all worried about me. Keep doing healings she said. Then she wrote, your body will teach you what you need to know. Well, I think I just got a huge lesson in that.

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