healing on many levels...

I awoke on Saturday morning and headed out to class. After we had created sacred space and had our opening ritual, I sat in my chair and realized the entire left side of my body feels alive and awake. In years past , this was the side of my body I injured, the side that did not feel strong. Well, my left side is humming along just fine, thank you. My right side feels like it is still in the process of serious reconstruction - and the left side is healing and re-integrating the right side into a new wholeness, a new unity.

Saturday night, I headed to a girlfriend's house for dinner and healings. This time I did a healing on her. Something the Goddess has been talking to me about for a couple weeks. It felt incredibly wonderful to be allowed the heal her - to be the channel for all that healing energy. I have done healings before but this felt very different. The healing energy is channeling much more strongly through me now.

Then I got a healing from her for which I am very thankful. I felt at peace and cared for basking in the healing energies exchanged between us. I just wanted to curl up like a cat and purr. I might have ....

Today in class, one of my sister students was giving us an update on her health issues and suddenly two of us were doing a spontaneous healing on her shoulders for her. Later in the day, another of my sister students started to share something that was very difficult for her to share. I put my left hand on her shoulder and started channeling healing. She was able to share what she wanted to share.

Ok Goddess, I feel the thread in my heart. I am going to sit with this thread and see where it leads me. It is very clearly woven nto the next part of my journey.

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