For Berkjon Girl...

Birch tree is associated with the Feminine, fertility and healing, the planet Venus, the element of Water, and sometimes the deity Thor. Birch is traditionally used for protection, exorcism, and purification. Birch is what witch's brooms are made of as well as cradles for babies. It is a lovely pale wood and the tree has soft white curling bark which evoke images of the moon. Wands made of birch are excellent for healing.

Birch trees are one of the first to grow on bare soil and thus birth the entire forest. This may be one reason birch is known as the Lady of the Woods. One can use birch to commune with the Goddess of the Woodlands who is one aspect of the Earth Mother. To touch the heart of the Goddess, sit in a grove of birch and do a simple ritual and meditation. In her aspect as Lady of the Woods, one can gather the bark of the birch tree under the light of a New Moon - after asking and receiving permission.

Birch, in later times than the ancient, became associated with Thor - probably in recognition of his role as an agricultural and fertility deity. It is said that if you desire the bark of the birch tree, you must wait until Thor singles out a tree with lightening otherwise you anger the birch tree. This is a later myth then the Lady of the Woods myth. The rune Berkjon is birch and brings in the energies of regeneration, purification, rebirth, and the creative process.

Now I know why I got deep, clear, pure, healing, water energy from you. You channel birch!

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