Buzzy busy grounded

I am feeling much more grounded today thanks to a nice long talk with my advisor who has had a similar experience to mine. I took in Snake Goddess, Bird Goddess, Crow Goddess, and Big Red Cat and my latest painting. She loved them all. Could not stop petting the cat. The best part was being seriously complimented on my artwork by someone who is herself a very accomplished artist. It really helped to validate my path of reclaiming myself as an artist.

Then I went off and got a two-for-one healing from my bodytalk friends. They zeroed in on exactly what was out of balance and where some of the emotional damage was that lead to my back injury. And then they complimented me on my artwork. Twice in one day. Imagine that. Happiness is a nurtured artist. :)

Tomorrow I am off to SF to do my interview for my Organic Inquiry class. Yes, I am nervous. I think after I organize my pile of stuff to bring and plug in all the devices, I am going to hand it all over to Her and trust Her to guide me. It worked last time!

Lastly, I discovered today that I can't wear or have citrine near me! Its making me buzz like a lunar bird. And my pendulum has exited to somewhere. I have this feeling these events are part of energy adjusting and I may not be able to use certain things I used to be able to use.

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