archeo-mythologizing the metaforms of culture

Whew! This weekend was the first weekend of our winter quarter classes. Metaformic Theory and Archeomythology. A heady mixture of origin stories, embodied literature, women as culture creators, and cyclical time was our diet. We dove into topics including menstruation and creation of culture and the Dark Mother and Black Madonnas. And somehow though both days were different classes, they wove together in unexpected and revealing ways.

I am not as exhausted as I thought I would be. Especially as I spent Saturday night at an awesome drum circle led by April Lea Go Forth of Thoz Women. I was drumming on one of those big drums you see at powwows. It was amazing energy and a wonderful gift.

I have loads of homework and reading to do. However, I feel much more energized about doing it then I did before class. Which is good as I need to nail down two topics to write my papers on!

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