resurgence of the real

I finished Charlene Spretnak's book The Resurgence of the Real yesterday. It is a book well worth reading. Yes, it came out about 8 years ago, even so, her analysis of modernity is fascinating, humane, and engaging. And it gives me hope that we may yet be able to steer a new course in Western culture and society.

She walks you through the social movements that have led our culture to this point in time pulling things apart and explaining the patterns and trends and how we have gotten to here from there. I will have to alter my view on the Renaissance as being the ideal I thought it was. And look up Morris and Ruskin again.

Reading this book shifts one's foundations for how you value life's accomplishments. Most importantly, it really looks at what culture tells us is important, then pulls it apart so you can see the valuelessness for yourself. I will never think of a corporation the same again. The concept of 'modernizing' a 'third world' country or culture is exposed as the destruction of culture that it is. For all that, it ends in a hopeful place. I like that.

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