raining cats and chocolate cupcakes.

It is pouring rain outside finally. The weather report kept changing its mind as to whether the rain was going to start on Saturday or Sunday. I have a huge bowl outside and some stones that wanted to take a bath.

Been an odd weekend. Sick kid. Gingerbread house decorating birthday party. Chocolate cupcakes. Passive aggressive behaviors by relatives. Adults leave confused and angry. More chocolate cupcakes. More sick kid. Rain. All three cats actually sitting on the couch at the same time and not whacking each other. Twice in one day. More rain.

I really need to create something tomorrow. Either paint or clay. Or go dance naked in the rain. Or maybe both or all three. Preferably with no kid and no one else around at all. Maybe cats - as long as they behave like cats and not sick kids or passive aggressive nincompoops.

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