naming separation

I have been traveling in the depths lately. Here goes...

The practice of naming has been used in our culture to own and control things for millenium. The way one culture controls another is to take away its 'names' and its ability to name. The outlawing of languages is one example.

The particular issue I have been working to resolve in myself is the naming of things as masculine and feminine. The aspects of personality that our culture name this way are not inherently male or female. They manifest in all humans. So naming them masculine or feminine has always felt wrong to me. It is a false separation that results in humans who are raised with a distorted or crippled use of power. Its as if we give our children half of their heritage when we use this kind of naming.

In examining spiritual paths and religions, I have come across many examples where things are named as polar opposites. Light and dark, good and evil, male and female, etc. This reads as wrong as well. To name concepts as opposites polarizes and falsely separates them. Even if one counters that separation by saying its all about balancing the two or merging them back into one, the damage has been done. The ideas have been forcibly separated. No amount of merging changes the fact the two things have been polarized.

Now one can argue that in our culture concepts like masculine and feminine have already been separated. After all we have a god and goddess. However, concepts like God and Goddess are only separate if I live my life in a way that supports that separation which I do not wish to do.

To me, life is an ever-flowing circle. Winter, spring, summer, fall. Birth, death, regeneration. New moon, full moon, dark moon. Maiden, mother, crone. The snake that eats her tail. The tides of the ocean. Somewhere in there is my path.

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