caged dragons

I went to another planet to visit all weekend and came back and here is no longer the same. It was our last weekend of classes for the quarter and I had three papers due and a big presentation. The classes were wonderfully filled with insights, conversation, presentations from awesome teachers and loads of transformational energy.

One of the presentations was by a visiting teacher, Cecilia Herrera Rogriguez. She spoke at one point of "going home for your sacred things". So last night I went to sleep and told myself I to go home and get the sacred things. I dreamed that I was in this building and going up stairs. The stairs were covered in stone rubble and the place was falling apart. At the bottom of the stairs was a dragon in a cage who kept demanding I let her out. Then I woke up. I wasn't sure about the dragon and letting it out but I had this feeling I should let her out.

Today I was reading Blood, Bread and Roses by Judy Grahn. A most amazing book that every woman should read. Its brilliant and will shake your foundations with regard to how our world was created. The section I was in was about snake and dragon and what they mean within the world view she posits. I am going back to that dream and letting the dragon out.

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