who are you?

The other night I was driving along listening to Jennifer Berezan's Returning CD - awesome recordings made in the Hypogeum in Malta. My mind wandered about and landed on the Who Are You? exercise we had done in class some weeks ago.

In the exercise one person asks the other Who Are You several times. I listed the roles in my life, I listed words to describe me which turned into roles again. Its a very hard question to answer without serious reflection. That night in the car, I answered it again.

Who Are You?
Woman, artist, mother, daughter (roles again)

Who Are You?
I listen, I create, I mentor, I receive
I have a voice, I have power (doing things)

Who Are You?
Become -ing

When the nouns and adjective turned into verbs or -ing words, I had this sense I was getting somewhere finally. The -ing words were starting to represent the energy that is me. By this time, I was shouting and singing in the car over the music. It was liberating.

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