what? no stress?

There is an odd disjoint-ness going on lately. I have my first big ceramic show this coming weekend. I have research to finish up for a bibliography due in two weeks. I have three papers due in two classes in the next month and a half. I have an art project and a stack of articles to read for classes in two weeks.

I am not getting all stressed out over all this stuff. Instead, I find myself in a different place. I keep plugging away on things. I give myself space to create and think. And when its time to sit and work on something I work on it. It will all get done eventually and life will not end if its not even done on time. Its amazing how liberating this feels.

And the best part is I do better work and usually get it all done. I think I like this new way of working. Which is not to say I do not have be disciplined about continuing to plug away at things. However, I find that choosing the time to work on something such that it suits my current state of being is much more effective then forcing things to get done because they have to get done.

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